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Jack Baty

> Just as not everything needs to be pulled back to your own site does it all need to be pushed out and cross-posted as well?

Probably not. I think we've all been over-thinking this whole thing. Many bloggers have for years just written and posted to their blog (and only their blog) and don't even have comments enabled. They're just fine. It's neat to pull Twitter and Instagram likes and such back to my site but it's currently fragile and honestly more trouble than it's worth most of the time.

I'm running this site using Withknown not because I like it, but because it makes "participation" easy by default and I _really_ wanted to be a "part of the IndieWeb". And for what? I'm honestly not sure.

The first part of "owning my content" is easy. The rest of it isn't. I still need to determine if it's worth the effort.